Apr 10
The Problem I See

About three years ago, I started to get bothered by what I was seeing. Anxiety, depression, and suicide rates at all time highs for our children … that exactly mirrored the advent of social media on smart phones.

Bothered by the fact the average male is exposed to internet pornography at 12 years old.

Bothered by drug legalization gaining more traction, with concurrent data showing increased brain damage for children in those same geographies.

It’s funny … when you ask most people their life story, they often bring up some shortcoming about their parents or some disadvantage they had as a child.

So, as the adults in the room, is our culture doing anything for the betterment of the next generation?

The average American child spends 45 hours a month on a screen. In fact 45% of children between 8 to 12 years old spend 39 hours a week on mobile device.

And while some of that time is used for learning or benign entertainment, there are a lot of dark things getting pushed on our children. Evil they can’t unsee. Thoughts that can’t be undone.

The response often given from creators of destructive content for children is “parents should just do a better job”.

When the water got poisoned in Flint, Michigan, was it the parents fault they let the children drink tap water?

No, the responsibility lies at the feet of the creators and gatekeepers.

So a group of successful entrepreneurs and I have decided to do something about it. We’re creating a world-class mobile gaming platform for children that contains God’s Truth.

Games that are fun. Games are beautiful. Games are excellent. And games that matter.

When Jesus said “I am the Way the Truth and the Life” he wasn’t joking or wasting people’s time.

We’re building an incredible new universe with an amazing cast of characters. I read the scripts the team comes up with and I laugh out loud and sometimes get a tear in my eye. The response from the kids and parents we've tested with has been incredible. See for yourself below.

By God’s grace, we’re well funded. If you can contribute to building world class games in a meaningful way and want to see the world change for our children, we’d like to talk to you.