May 12
Personal Culture

Companies work hard to create a culture that defines the characteristics unique to their organization, both within the corporation and the general marketplace. Input from employees added to quality time and effort helps build company culture guideposts everyone works and lives by. With an ethos in place, employees understand how to behave professionally within a company structure. But, do we as individuals work as hard on defining and living by a personal culture? Rules to live our lives by that result in how the rest of the world perceives us. Should we care?

Do you have a personal culture?

2.3 billion Christians worldwide depend upon the Bible, the best-selling book of all time year after year, as their guide and faith in God as their compass.

And for over 2000 years, this culture works.

When we commit to these individual convictions, how should we react when we find ourselves in a company with principles opposed to our causes or spirituality?

A group of talented people from Xbox, Nintendo, Sony, PlayStation, Disney, and Apple in the mobile gaming industry is bringing the culture of Christian Faith to children globally through creative, fun, beautiful mobile games based on God's truth.

Helping children define an identity based on God's love is a pillar to stand on and live by.