April 19
Our Method

Hi!  At TruPlay, we’re building a faith-based mobile gaming platform for kids.

I know what you’re thinking:

But what about the quality? Are your games going to be any good?

Here’s the thing: We don’t sell Robitussin® ... “I know this tastes awful, but you should drink it ... it’s good for your cough.”

We make chocolate cake stuffed with proteins and vitamins.

So the kid tries to sneak in chocolate cake for breakfast.

And as mom peaks around the corner, she’s okay with it because there’s a ton of protein, calcium, and vitamins. So, it’s actually better for her child than the organic breakfast cereal she used to think was a good idea.

So how do we do that?

Covid took everyone by surprise last year.  TruPlay was just getting started in Q1 2020.  Our core team had built games very successfully for years, based on a very iterative method of sitting next to players with early versions of our games.  So we were getting ready to do that all over again...

But in March of 2020, “sitting next to players” was no longer an option...

So, our team worked hard to build great content last year and then innovated to use a new method to test kids remotely. And we iterated and tested again. And it worked.

And our new games have tested incredibly well. It's the best content we’ve ever built as a team.  We hope you find it to be fun(ny), excellent, beautiful and contain God’s Truth.  See for yourself below.

We have a tremendous team of world class, highly aligned people and new faces we’re adding every week.  God has blessed us immensely with resources and now we’re scaling up.

People are telling us they’ve been waiting for a company like this to come along. If that’s how you feel, email us at careers@truplaygames.com. or feel free to DM me.