Jun 14
Fine Tune Your Career Networking R.A.D.A.R.

The television series, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, on ABC from 1964 to 1968, was the decade’s longest-running science fiction show and introduced life on the nuclear submarine, Seaview. There were battles with giant octopi, aliens, other submarines – you get the picture. In the background was the constant ping-ping-ping of the submarine’s radar, always looking for something. As viewers, we knew there was something out there.

When it comes to career opportunities or needs for future quality talent, we all would like to know what or who is out there – the position or talent that awaits us when the need arises. For most, we wait for the need to be identified before we start looking for that right job or the perfect candidate. When in reality, it is the Relationships we create Ahead of Demand that Accelerate Results when we need them.

After our recent economic circumstances, it’s best to get ahead and know what’s out there. Some reading this are currently working or have entire staff. In contrast, others desperately seek work or filter a tsunami of talent to fill just a few opportunities. Whatever your case is, focus on executing strategies that create the right relationships today, so you can accelerate results when you need them in the future. Over the next few weeks, we will explore real-world initiatives and best practices you can execute to ensure you hear the ping-ping-ping of your own R.A.D.A.R. This way, you can feel confident you are prepared for your next opportunity or quality talent hire ahead of the actual need.

At TruPlay Games, we have filled several Game Studio positions since March with quality experienced talent. Today we are filling our talent pipeline ahead of demand with leading industry talent interested in our value proposition and the global market we serve. Our market is vast and frankly underserved when it comes to high-quality Christian-themed mobile games for children. We are on a mission to identify outstanding talent today. We are ready to hire immediately when needed. We will continue to execute our business plan and dramatically scale successfully.

I witnessed this process at work firsthand years ago in Penang, Malaysia. While on a six-week trip recruiting and interviewing engineers for DELL Computer, I read an article about the Business Woman of the Year. She happened to be the HR Executive for an international chip manufacturer. The lady was contacted and told about DELL. In the following year, the company would need the right HR Executive to open a new manufacturing facility in Penang.

I introduced her to the appropriate DELL executives, and sure enough, six months later, when DELl had the need, and the timing was right for her, she took the job. Though HR is essential everywhere, the diversity of the Malaysian workforce with Malaysians, Chinese, and Indians makes the role particularly important.

When it comes to filling crucial roles at any level, you can never establish recruiting relationships too early.

So, if you are a quality Game Designer, Level Designer, Producer, Executive Producer, Artist, Tester, QA or Development Engineer interested in work that makes an impact and would like to establish a recruiting relationship today to be considered for future opportunities, please email your resume or LinkedIn profile to careers@truplaygames.com.

Become one of our essential talent pings and position us as one of yours!