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Play faith-filled allegorical games in the RhymVerse. Our heroes face many of the same struggles as today's children and use Biblical themes such as prayer, faith, truth, and God's miracles to fight their battles.

Our Library of Beautiful Christian Games

Heroes of Rhym : Battle for Eldavar

The great Castle Eldavar is in danger, and the only ones who can save it are a group of kids out way past their curfew. This tower defense game pits Maple, Benjamin, Ava, and Lucas against the Smudz forces of the evil queen Axilla. Help the kids use the extraordinary powers of the castle to protect its secrets from the Dark Queen.

Stained Glass

Experience the Bible in a whole new way. A fun and beautiful match-3 game that shares the Bible in a way people have never seen before. Match jewel-toned pieces of glass to reveal the stories of the men and women in the Bible in beautiful stained glass panoramas. Featuring the #1 hit song “Oceans” by Hillsong United.

Maple and the Forest of Words

The mysterious, brooding Forest of Words holds unimaginable dangers. In this side scrolling action-adventure, Maple the tiger bunny and her fox-bear friend, Oliver, are on a rescue mission. Maple's journey will take her from the tree tops of the forest to the depths of the Berindium mines, outwitting ancient corruption, dangerous smudz, and the wicked Axilla herself. Can you help Maple before the power of words is lost in the corrupted forest forever?

Little Light

After a blackout leaves the city in complete darkness, Lumi steps in to share her light. Guide her from lantern to lantern to help her illuminate the dark streets. Meanwhile, scripture brings light to the player as they help Lumi fire up the street lamps.

Oliver & the Vindictive Vines

Join Oliver and his Book of Fox Facts as they race, jump, duck, and dodge through the Forest of Words in this endless runner game. Will Oliver, the Biblical Fox, find the answers he seeks? Will he earn a Bravest Young Botanist Badge? Or will he be tripped and trapped by the dangers in the Forest of Words?

Ava & the Mirror of Truth

Ava has recently gone through a lot in her life. It's left her feeling insecure about her place in the world. Where does she fit it? This puzzle game exposes the lies we believe about ourselves and shows us how to use God's truth to fight them. Join Ava on a journey through her bedroom mirror that becomes an adventure in her soul. She'll battle snarflon, get help from a sling sloth, and learn the truth about herself—that she always has a place with God.

Lumi's Words of Light

Lumi’s Words of Light opens up a world of God’s promises and blessings to the city and to the player. Unscramble the word puzzle and you will find that each word sheds new light on God’s everlasting and unconditional love for you.

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The Action Bible

Introducing your gateway to the most complete picture Bible ever! This exclusive TruPlay digital comic series boasts a captivating and visually rich art style that will captivate readers of all ages. Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience in which Bible stories come to life through rich, engaging narration and captivating performances. Explore the Bible like never before with The Action Bible.

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Discover the World of Rhym

The RhymVerse is a place of endless adventure. Players will journey from the depths of the sea to outer space and everywhere in between. They will traverse scorching deserts and explore forgotten forests. There is no limit to the storytelling and gameplay of the RhymVerse.

Our games do more than entertain. We directly touch users' minds and hearts by embedding Biblical truths into exciting and creative storylines. Our characters follow the same path as our players, facing real, "down-to-earth" problems. They mature, grow, experience grace, and understand God at their own pace.

Over the course of several games, animations, and digital comics, all intentionally intertwined into the RhymVerse meta-narrative, our players will get to know Maple, Lucas, Ava, Benjamin, and the others, as they fight to save their world from villains who seek to rule over it.

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