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To celebrate our launch we’re gifting a TruPlay Founder’s Pack that includes an entire year of wholesome games, comics, and videos with a Limited Edition t-shirt and sticker pack for all Annual Plans.

TruPlay featured on the Huckabee Show

TruPlay CEO, Brent Dusing and Governor Mike Huckabee discuss TruPlay's innovative approach in Christian games to transform culture  from toxic media to building faith through play.

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Full access to new games & content with no ads or in-app purchases at a low price for the entire year.

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TruPlay T-shirt and Sticker pack.
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See what parents are saying about the all new Christian entertainment platform.

Family friendly FUN
This amazing app is a MUST HAVE for parents and grandparents who are concerned about the content that children are being exposed to through digital games and entertainment. Kids will absolutely LOVE this platform!!


FINALLY something my kids can play!!!
As a parent I’m SO excited to see this!!! Games my kids can play that are safe for them! These games are really cool too, not cheesy or low quality and my kids keep asking to play ALL THE TIME. THANK YOU for making these games!!!


Not just for kids
Downloaded app and it’s good as they have games for the older folk like me. Stained glass is a match 3 game that is at my pace. Also, they have a word game called Lumi’s word of light which is very enjoyable and challenging.


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Friends of truplay

“The quality of TruPlay’s content is unparalleled, and it’s guaranteed not to expose your children to questionable content or ads of any kind.  Rather, the games will encourage and grow your child’s faith.”

Will Graham
Executive Vice President and Evangelist, Billy Graham Evangelical Association

"TruPlay: An embraceable gaming alternative"

About our upcoming Journey of Jesus game in development:  "Journey of Jesus is marvelous because its much more than a game."

Pastor Jack Hayford
Founder, The Kings University Seminary

About our upcoming Journey of Jesus game in development: "Journey of Jesus takes players closer to the life of Christ in a fun, reflective, and entertaining way."

Dr. Darrell Bock
Dallas Theological Seminary

"I'm excited to tell you about TruPlay Games, a brand new faith based app for kids that includes animated shorts, digital comic books and a bunch of different games all made to invite children to experience God's truth. With TruPlay kids have fun in a world of safe and original content"

Candace Cameron Bure
Candace Cameron Bure : The Podcast

"In a world that actively preys on the vulnerable hearts and minds of our kids, we must be intentional in providing them with high-quality, faith-formative entertainment. TruPlay understands that those who obtain a solid foundation of faith from an early age are more likely to become God-fearing fathers and mothers, husbands and wives. I’m grateful to TruPlay for making a bold choice to insert Christ into the gaming space and support the cultivation of healthy families in the future."

Ken Harrison
CEO, Promise Keepers

About our game Stained Glass: "Of course I endorse it and of course it shines the light of Christ, but it has the power of engaging gamers and the next generation with content that is transformative. Not only something that will entertain, but something that will inspire, inform and impart the truth of the reality of Jesus Christ as Lord. Tell your kids about it, because this can change their lives."

Sam Rodriguez
President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

"Are you tired of your kids playing violent video games, seeing graphic content online and delving into questionable stuff in the world of screens? Are you looking for Biblical content that would teach your children values? Well look no further! I'm so thankful TruPlay exists, you are the solution to the problems I've been addressing around this globe forever"

Tina Griffin
The Counter Culture Mom

"TruPlay represents the first and biggest NFT release from a Christian tech company... selling out within 10 minutes of their release"

TruPlay is Endorsed by:

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about TruPlay, subscription plans, games, and more.

How do I gift a subscription to someone?

Congratulations! You’re giving great Christian content to your friends and making it possible for us to continue to create Gospel-centered entertainment. Here's a step by step way to bless someone else!

As the 'gifter', please follow these steps:

Step 1  - On the website, choose 'Gift a Subscription' when choosing a plan and go through checkout.

Step 2 - You will receive an email with a receipt and instructions of how to 'Redeem Gift'. Simply forward this email to your friend!

Step 3 - Enjoy the fact you blessed someone and supported Christian entertainment!

As the 'receiver', please follow these steps:

Step 1 - Open the email you received from your friend and click 'Redeem Gift'.

Step 2 - Create a TruPlay Account (save this info, you'll need it to log into the app in the next step) and checkout using the redemption code.

Step 3 - Download the TruPlay Games app on your iOS or Android device and simply login and begin playing!

If you have questions, please reach out to [email protected]

What is the RhymVerse?

The RhymVerse is a world where God is real and the Bible is true, but there is also real evil that must be overcome. Our heroes are anthropomorphic children, each with their own personalities, backstories, journeys, and relationships with God. In Rhym, a group of young children discover their giftings and use those gifts to restore truth and goodness to the many environs of Rhym. To face the various evils of Rhym, our heroes must use all their weapons, including their childlike faith, to win this fight.

The RhymVerse is a place of endless adventure. Players will journey from the depths of the sea to outer space and everywhere in between. They will traverse scorching deserts and explore forgotten forests. There is no limit to the storytelling and gameplay of the RhymVerse. Over the course of several games, animations, and digital comics, all intentionally intertwined into the RhymVerse meta-narrative, our players will get to know Maple, Lucas, Ava, Oliver, Isabella, Benjamin, and the others as they fight to save their world from villains who would seek to rule over it.

Why do your characters wear costumes of other animals?

At TruPlay, we believe that children’s identities are who God designed them to be.  We want all children to know they are uniquely and wonderfully made by the Almighty God and God is the source of their true identities, not what the world or other people tell them.  We believe God’s Truth is revealed in the Holy Bible.

When we created the RhymVerse, we set out to create a unique world of adventure, fun, and humor where God is the center of the story.  We believe in the innocence of children and the humor that is involved when they wear costumes.  Let’s be honest, sometimes kids can be unintentionally hilarious. We wanted to reflect that in their designs. For example, 

  • Maple is a female bunny who is very strong-willed and courageous. In the beginning of her story, she feels that she is not given the respect she deserves and so dresses as a tiger because tigers are highly admired as fierce animals. However, Maple learns through her journey that her courage and boldness comes from God, not how she dresses.    
  • Ava is a female lynx whose parents are divorced. She is also getting bullied at school. Life isn’t always easy for her. She wears a fawn costume because everyone always tells her to just go along with things. But deep down she’s stronger and braver than that. In her journey, Ava learns that our identity is not who the world says we are or people say we are, but who God says we are.
  • Oliver is a male fox who is adopted by a bear family. Oliver lost his fox parents when he was younger and will learn the true story about what happened to them on his journey. Oliver is trying to fit in with his new bear parents and extended bear family, so feels the need to blend in with them.  Oliver also has yet to learn that his true identity is as a child of God.
  • Lucas is a male skunk, whose brother Chase was his best friend. Lucas and Chase did everything together, including flying and exploring in their supercool rocket suits. Lucas is a brilliant inventor who created a pair of rocket suits (Croc One and Alligator One), for himself and Chase.  Unfortunately, Chase died a year ago and Lucas is having a hard time coming to terms with it, partially because he doesn’t know much about God at the moment.
  • Isabella is a female young red panda and the youngest. She likes to play dress up, like a lot of children.  She often mismatches her outfits, such as a winter scarf, a spring Sunday dress, steampunk goggles, and butterfly wings, because, why not!?  Isabella learns as she grows that there are more traits and characteristics that we take on as we follow Jesus that change our personality, like the fruits of the Spirit (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-control” Gal 5:22-23). In her journey, she finds miracles still happen in real life and she can be a part of them.
  • Noah is an older kangaroo boy with a heart for adventure. He loves to rock climb, paraglide, longboard, and do any other extreme sport he can.  He believes strongly in God and does his best to help Lucas overcome his loss and share who God is whenever he can.  Noah has a stylized shark outfit because he thinks it's a fantastic complement to his adventure sports gear.
  • Benjamin is an older wolverine boy who is a great athlete and fantastic hockey player. He is a strong, brave, and fierce warrior.  Benjamin is always ready for a righteous fight. His favorite Biblical character is King David.  He dresses up like a polar bear because polar bears thrive on ice and are the only animals he can think of that are stronger than a wolverine.  He is very protective of the younger Isabella and begins his journey trying to find Isabella after she gets lost.  In his journey, Benjamin will learn even deeper the power of the Armor of God.
How do I know I can trust your content?

First, and most importantly we are committed to offering entertainment products that convey content, morals and values based on the Holy Bible, which we hold as inspired, authoritative and inerrant. Some of our games, like Stained Glass, tell stories explicitly from the Bible. Our content in the world of Rhym was created with characters who have strengths and weaknesses, just like every human. They face many of the same struggles as today’s children, but are on an adventure with a very real God.  Prayer, Faith, Biblical truth, and God’s Miracles are all part of their journey.

We have been approved and endorsed by some of the most credible and leading organizations and leaders in the Christian community, such as the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, Promise Keepers, Sam Rodriguez, Pastor Jack Hayford, PluggedIn by Focus on the Family, Candace Cameron Bure, and many others. You can check out more of our endorsements and what others are saying about TruPlay on our homepage!

Why do you charge for a subscription?

By buying a subscription, you enable us to continue to make high-quality Christian content for your family.

Our mission is ultimately to share the Christian message of Jesus Christ and we are part of a greater movement to provide high quality, beautiful content to everyone who wants redemptive digital entertainment. In order to continually produce high quality content to our audience we invest in top talent and set a high bar for quality, which takes significant resources. We pay competitive salaries and use modern technology; all which costs money. We hope you will join us by investing in high quality, beautiful Christian content. 

Buy a subscription and be the first to experience Christian entertainment like never before. Our new platform will have a curated collection of games, comics and lots more added every month.

How do you keep your platform and games safe?

Hey, we get it, we’re parents too! We know it’s hard to find redemptive entertainment for your kids you can trust and that they also really enjoy. That’s why we do not have additional in-app purchases beyond the subscription nor ads in our platform. TruPlay does not have any chat rooms where other people can access your children. All of our content is safe and fun for the whole family. Some of our games and stories are directly from the Bible. Other of our stories are from the RhymVerse where we embody Biblical meaning, and intent from the Scriptures.

Our engineering team is top of class and our technology employs industry best practices in infrastructure security and data privacy.

Are your games only for children?

Our games are for kids of all ages, including adults!  Don’t tell anyone, but as we’ve tested over the past years, we had a lot of parents enjoy playing our games too. We hope TruPlay is an experience your entire family can enjoy together.  We started TruPlay because we care about our children’s mental health, future, and soul.  You don’t have to worry about your youngest children being exposed to anything inappropriate because we design our games to be understood and enjoyable for all ages.

How can I delete my TruPlayGames account?

Q1: How can I delete my TruPlayGames account?

A1: To delete your TruPlayGames account, you must first ensure that you've canceled all active subscriptions, then follow these steps:

  1. Cancel your active subscriptions depending on where you made the purchase:
  2. If you're subscribed through Apple: Follow Apple's subscription cancellation guidelines.
  3. If you're subscribed through Google Play: Follow Google Play's subscription cancellation guidelines.
  4. If you're subscribed through Stripe: Follow Stripe's subscription cancellation guidelines provided during your subscription setup or in your Stripe receipt.
  5. Once all subscriptions are canceled, visit
  6. Log in using your credentials.
  7. Go to Profile > Account section.
  8. Select 'Delete Account'.
  9. You may be prompted to confirm your password. Do so if required.
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the account deletion process.

Q2: Will I still be charged if I delete my TruPlayGames account?

A2: If you delete your account without first canceling your subscriptions, you may continue to incur charges. Ensure you cancel any subscriptions with Apple, Google Play, or Stripe before proceeding with account deletion to avoid being charged.

Q3: After canceling my subscription, can I still use TruPlayGames until the end of my billing period?

A3: Yes, if you've paid for a subscription, you'll continue to have access to TruPlayGames until the end of your current billing period, even if you've initiated the deletion process.

Q4: What if I delete my account by mistake or change my mind?

A4: If you accidentally delete your account or wish to reverse the decision, please contact our support team as soon as possible for further assistance.

Q5: Where can I learn more about my rights regarding my personal information on TruPlayGames?

A5: For detailed information about your rights and how we handle personal information, please review our Privacy Policy.

Q6: Is my account recoverable if I change my mind?

A6: If the billing period has ended and your account is deleted, it will NOT be recoverable.

Note: Always ensure you've canceled all active subscriptions before deleting your account. This ensures you won't be unexpectedly billed in the future.